HEORSHE Ultra Wide Neck Baby Bottle Premium Gift Set White


Heorshe Baby Bottle Premium set, a perfect starter kit for all mothers who are looking for combining breast and bottle feeding, or as a gift to the expecting parents. With two capacities and three different flows of teat, mothers can choose to use the most suitable combination for the baby. The transform caps can easily convert the ultra wide neck baby bottles into air-tight and antibacterial storage containers. It is hygienic and minimizing the wasteage.

Premium Milk Bottle set come with:

  • 5oz/160ml (original 0-3M teat) milk bottle with S-flow nipple
  • 8oz/240ml (original 6M+ teat) milk bottle with X-flow nipple
  • Replacement M Flow pacifiers (3-6M teat) can be changed when the baby is three months old.
  • Two Ultra Transform caps

1) 100% safe food grade silicone material
2) BPA free and FDA certified
3) Mimics Natural Feeding
4) Designed to help reduce intake of gas, a potential cause of colic or spit up
5) Ergonomic comfortable grip
6) Dust Proof Cap, leaving a tiny space between cap and nipple gland to prevent dust & contaminants
7) Ideal for combining bottle feeding and breastfeeding
8) Teat is 100% silicone, soft, flexible and designed for optimal compression
9) Easy to assemble and clean
10) Recommended teat S flow (Newborn-3m), M flow (3m-6m), X flow (+6m)
11) The maximum heat resistance is 180℃/356℉
12) Microwave, Top rack dishwasher, UV and Steam Sterilization safe

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