HEORSHE 240ml Ultra wide neck baby bottle Black


Dust-proof cap – When designing the cap of the bottle, the engineers took special care to leave a small gap between the outside of the cap and the pacifier to protect it from dust.

Easy to clean – The silicone bottle comes with a 67 mm wide neck that is extremely easy to maintain.

Additional soothers are available for 3-6 months and 6+ months.


·      Heat resistant up to 180 ℃.

·      Silicone – BPA-free.

·      Dishwasher and microwave safe.

·      Remove the lid, screw ring and pacifier when heating in the microwave

·      It is recommended to change the teat every 3 months and the bottle every 6 months.

If you see a tear or other damage to the product, do not dispose of it and replace it.

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